Boston area Business Owners:

These days, businesses of all sizes face pressure remain responsive and competitive in a changing market. To stay competitive, many businesses are choosing to embrace Cloud Computing, augmenting or replacing their traditional IT infrastructure. Real benefits can include reduced management overhead, reduced capital expenditures, high availability, and increased mobility – All empowering your business to respond to its market.

Managing existing legacy infrastructure and forecasting future growth for a growing business can be a challenge. The potential and flexibility of Cloud Computing and Virtualization can ease these concerns, simplifying your business’ IT environment and allowing for on-demand growth. A trusted IT partner, with proven success in Cloud Migration, can guide your business to harness the potential of the Cloud.

Concerned about your business in this economy?

Roan Solutions helps businesses transform high upfront capital IT costs into manageable fixed monthly operating costs on a pay-as-you-go model. For example, with Hosted Exchange and SharePoint Services, you can eliminate the need to maintain and administer in-house IT infrastructure to run email, calendaring and collaboration systems without sacrificing enterprise grade quality, security or mobility. Contact Roan Solutions today and your Exchange email, GMail, Google Apps and SharePoint solutions are just a click away.

Do you risk losing business when your systems are down?

Downtime is a distraction from your clients’ needs and from your profits. Managed IT Service plans from Roan Solutions keep your networks – and users – performing optimally so they can focus on satisfying your clients and customers to reaching your business goals. (Learn More)

Are you in control of your IT, or does it control you?

Stop the spending flow. Our comprehensive IT outsourcing services deliver proactive, reliable support without the in-house salary, benefits and taxes of managing full time IT staff of your own. We deliver enterprise-quality support at a fixed, predictable fee comfortably priced for small and growing businesses. (Learn More)

Will your current IT systems grow with your business?

Minimize your growing pains while protecting your IT investment. Roan Solutions’ IT consulting and project management experts take the time to understand your business model and recommend best-in-practice solutions that will keep your IT investment properly aligned with your business plan today – and tomorrow. (Learn more)


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