14 Million New Jobs In The Cloud?

Roan Solutions: The IT Solution for Boston BusinessesAn article recently published by IDC (and commissioned by Microsoft) projecting 14 millions new jobs will be created in the next two years related to cloud computing. The authors project nearly half of these new jobs will be based in emerging market countries.

One of the projected hang-ups that could prevent even more jobs from being created in the new cloud computing sector is the “legacy lag.” This legacy lag is described as companies that — even two years forward — will remain tethered to the traditional office computing systems.

And, in our opinion, remaining with your existing system may be the right solution for your organization. See, while many businesses and organizations remain curious about “the cloud,” it makes good business sense to make sure your potential transition to any new platform has been completely thought through, mapped out, secure and seamless.

The good news is Roan Solutions remains ready to help organizations who will fully migrate to the cloud, remain tethered to their current systems — or somewhere in between. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are considering implementing a change in your systems.

The article also projects that cloud computing will ultimately generate over one trillion dollars in annual revenues. The article was unspecific how or where these revenues will be generated (or when!). We’ve learned projecting large numbers makes for great headlines. But what we are far more interested in is making sure a cloud solution is right for you, and helps your team become more productive and more efficient.

A more productive and efficient team helps your business grow!
To access the original article issued through Press Pass and Microsoft, click here.
Copies of the full whitepaper PDF can be found here.

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