Amazon Making Major Moves in the Cloud Computing Sector

Boston cloud computing isn’t the only type of cloud computing growing on a large scale, it seems that Amazon and its very own cloud computing business is going to be growing exponentially in the next year or so. This article explains how if Amazon keeps its numbers moving in the direction that they are headed at the current moment, they could be setting cloud computing records by this time next year for revenue. It is wild to see an industry such as cloud computing take off and really become something.

Amazon’s cloud business is growing like crazy, and could hit $1 billion in revenue next year according to analysts, Reuters reports.

Right now Amazon Web Services, its cloud computing unit, is small enough that Amazon doesn’t report its revenue, but according to estimates, it generated $500 million in revenue last year and will do $750 million this year–a 50% growth rate, which is impressive for such a large unit.

If Amazon really hits these milestones it will be a big event not just for the company, but for the cloud computing industry in general.

To get the full version of this article found on Business, click here. What are your thoughts on the cloud computing industry as a whole? Will you look to take your Boston area small business to a cloud computing set up?

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