Why You Need Antivirus Protection Beyond Desktop Workstations

Antivirus SolutionIt’s a virtual necessity to install antivirus applications installed on all company computers. Viruses and malware not only slow down system processes and impact productivity, but they expose sensitive information and can give outside intruders an all-access pass to company information. However, to fully protect your business, you need to an antivirus system that does more than protect only your company’s desktop workstations. Instead, your business should have a managed antivirus solution that encompasses workstations, mobile devices, and servers. Here’s why:

Server Protection

There are multiple reasons as to why your server needs antivirus protection. Two of them are the type of server operating system you are running and the fact that the server stores, maintains, and processes most of the company’s highly sensitive information.

  • Server Operating System

The majority of businesses use Windows Server Operating system on their servers. With the introduction of Windows Server 2003, server administrators were finally able to manage servers with the familiar Windows Operating System interface. As a result, Windows Server was widely adopted and is one of the leading industry standards for server operating systems. As Windows Server OS is one of the most popular, it is also the most vulnerable to attack by viruses and malware.

  • Central Repository of Information

If a virus manages to make it past the desktop antivirus protection and make its way to the server, then multiple events can take place. The virus can infect the entire server essentially compromising a company’s entire IT infrastructure. The virus can spread from the server to all workstations rendering them useless. Most importantly, the virus can open the door to outside intruders to gain access to highly sensitive information stored on the server.

Every Device Is a Point of Entry

Regardless of how your employees access the company network, whether via a desktop workstation, a laptop, or a tablet; every device needs to have secure endpoint protection from an antivirus solution. Why? Every device is a point of entry to company data and sensitive information. If desktop computers are the only items protected by an antivirus solution, than any work performed on a laptop or mobile device is vulnerable to attack by a virus or malware. Once a malicious program gets installed, it can work its way onto the company network and compromise the entire infrastructure. So a general rule of thumb here is – any device used to access the company network needs antivirus software installed, updated, and run regularly.

BYOD Policies

Since every device is a point of entry to your company’s network and information, it is incredibly important that your IT managers know every single device that accesses company resources. If your business has a bring your own device (BYOD) policy in place, then you need to make sure that your managed antivirus solution is installed on the devices your employees bring in to use for business purposes. The benefit of having a managed antivirus solution is that the system administrator can schedule regular scans and ensure that all devices are updated with the most current virus definitions.

There are many options for manage antivirus solutions available on the market today, and it might be a little difficult to decide. Roan Solutions can help you find and implement the antivirus solution that is right for your business. Contact us today.

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