Enterprise Antivirus as a Means for Enhanced Security

AntivirusMost personal computer owners have some antivirus application installed. There is an array of options available for purchase, and often operating systems have their own native antivirus applications or these programs are offered along with a service contract with an internet service provider. For businesses, antivirus is an imperative part of an internet security plan. Antivirus software detects and removes malware and viruses that can compromise sensitive information, open backdoors into secured networks, and crash system resources – before they become a problem.

For many years, companies were forced to install single instances of antivirus software on each individual workstation in the office. Now, companies have the option to choose an endpoint protection system which is antivirus (and sometimes firewall) software for corporate environments that are centrally managed that protects both workstations and servers connected to a company’s IT infrastructure.

Endpoint security applications have the ability to predict, detect, and ultimately prevent attacks by malware. Many are configured to update their virus definitions automatically and provide real-time protection for a company’s workstations, servers, and network access points. Endpoint security against viruses is an incredibly important component of an overall IT security strategy. Viruses and malware create major points of access to a company’s network.

Some Virus Statistics

  • The most expensive computer virus of all time, MyDoom caused almost $40 billion of damage since its release in 2004.
  • Malware attributed to the UPS Store breach in 2014 which exposed customer credit and debit card information. The virus was found on systems at 51 different stores in 24 states.
  • A survey conducted by B2B International (a B2B market research company) in 2012 found that the most common cause of data loss at 35% of all cases was by malware infection.

Why Your Company Needs Endpoint Security

A comprehensive IT security program has many different components. Managed IT service providers monitor network traffic and investigate irregular spikes in activity. Firewalls protect networks by keeping out rouge traffic. Many IT security components are focused on keeping intruders out. Antivirus protection comes into play if someone manages to make their way in. Endpoint antivirus security protection removes malware before it makes its way across a company’s network system and onto every individual workstation.

Do you need assistance with selecting the right endpoint security for your company? Roan Solutions can help your company identify the endpoint antivirus security system that best meets the unique needs and goals of your business. Contact us today to discuss options for implementing antivirus protection company-wide.

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