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Protection Against Account Hijacking With Managed IT Services

The website Hackmageddon features statistics and historical data on cyber-attacks. On reporting statistics for March 2016, the site noted that although 32.6% of attacks in that month were of unknown origin, the highest ranking segment among known attack vectors was

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Protecting Your Business From Cyber-Attacks

At its core, cybercrime is defined as a crime that involves a computer and a network. Cybercrimes include hacking, digital financial crimes, and the compromising, leaking, and damage of sensitive electronic personal information. Companies get cyber-attacked for a multitude of

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Updates, Patches, and the Benefits of Managed IT Services

 This past week, Microsoft released a series of updates and patches, 13 to be exact. Of these 13, 6 have been rated at “critical” as they feature fixes for remote code execution flaws and a patch for the Badlock Bug.

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Adobe Flash in Hot Water Again

Less than a year ago, Adobe experienced a barrage of criticism by the IT community due to a number of security flaws in its popular multimedia software and internet plugin.  Over the course of a few weeks in July of

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Connecting Apps to Office with Office 365 Connectors

In this day and age, many employees spend an exorbitant amount of time on email. For some employees, they spend the majority of their time working on email. In addition to centering commerce around email, a lot of companies also

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The Benefits of Utilizing a Hybrid Cloud

There are a lot of “buzzwords” associated with cloud computing. One in particular is “hybrid cloud.” So what exactly does that mean? A hybrid cloud model is a mix of utilizing public cloud computing resources along with private cloud resources.

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What Is A Virtual CIO (VCIO)?

With the IT consulting model, companies contract a Managed Service Provider for IT support and help with specific projects. The IT consulting firm may work for a few months, or even a year. However, often after the project is completed,

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Benefits of a Network Security Assessment

Companies often take their IT infrastructures for granted. As long as the internet is “working” and is offering fast speeds, email is up and running, and employees can access their working files and documents – many businesses assume their networks

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New and Upcoming Updates to Office 365

Microsoft’s cloud-based office productivity suite, Office 365 offers the flexibility, reliability, and accessibility of the cloud with its well-known Microsoft Office suite of applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. With multiple subscription-levels, and options starting as low as $5

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Managed IT Services is More Than Just “Consulting”

The term consultant comes from the Latin word consultare which means to “discuss.” So essentially, consultants are experts in their respective fields and are brought into businesses to offer advice on special projects and other business tasks. With IT consulting,

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