5 Reasons Why Businesses Need a VCIO

Building and managing an IT infrastructure can be a complicated task, and businesses don’t have the time to stay on top of constant changes in technology. Instead of struggling to maintain an IT setup in the midst of the daily grind, consider the benefits of hiring a Virtual Chief Information Officer, or a VCIO. Here’s a look at some reasons why businesses should consider using a VCIO:

Experience Cost Savings

There are considerable cost savings associated with a VCIO as opposed to an in-house CIO. Bringing a VCIO on board costs less than using multiple IT services. By paying one fee for comprehensive IT management, businesses also avoid having to bring on and train extra staff members. Virtual CIOs already have expertise in all the areas necessary to create and maintain a strong IT platform for businesses of all sizes.

Improve Communication

Imagine having one application through which all staff members could communicate, collaborate and send important information in real time. A VCIO can find and implement just such a platform with the features needed to keep communication open between everyone in the business. Employees will no longer have to spend hours searching for emails and documents or waste time in meetings obtaining progress reports. Modern collaboration platforms are cloud-based, allowing team members to stay in touch while activities can be monitored remotely.

Maintain Data Security Essentials

No business can survive without a strong approach to data security and a solid plan for disaster recovery. Data breaches are inevitable risks of modern IT, and VCIOs know how to put the proper protections in place. Such a framework can be extensive and complex, and it must be updated regularly to protect data from vulnerabilities. Should a problem occur, the VCIO could help the company get back on track as quickly as possible.

Create and Implement a Plan for Future Growtih

A business’s IT setup should dovetail with the overall business goals so that the technology involved can support future growth. If companies try to handle it without the aid of a CIO, there can be delays in implementation or miss new opportunities altogether as daily business concerns take precedent. Put a VCIO in charge of creating a plan and integrating new technologies as they arrive to keep the business on track. The VCIO has the ability to focus his or her efforts on this on task, unlike a CIO who may have too many roles to create as effective a plan as possible.

Easily Scale Up Coverage

As fresh solutions appear, a VCIO can evaluate the options and determine which ones will benefit the company. This allows businesses to scale up as needed without any delays in service and keeps the business running efficiently. Rather than getting hung up on fixing old problems before taking advantage of new applications and platforms, businesses can enjoy consistent access to the latest technologies.

Using VCIO services gives companies all the benefits of an onsite CIO at a reasonable cost. With someone else managing the growth and development of the IT setup, employees in the company are free to focus on moving the company forward. For more information, contact Roan Solutions.

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