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3 Ways to Prevent CEO Fraud

CEO fraud is one of the rising cyber security threats that businesses are faced with. This type of fraud is called a Business Email Compromise (BEC) incident because hackers usually first make contact with the victim via email. In it,

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Rising Cyber Security Threats for 2017

There’s no doubt that cyber security is a big threat for businesses today. One of the issues businesses of all sizes are faced with is the fact that once they get a handle on one type of threat, another security

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Email Security Best Practices for Businesses

Email is an important part of business communications and when done correctly, it can certainly make people’s jobs easier. Employees have come to depend on email but at the same time, emails can make businesses vulnerable to threats such as

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4 Cyber Security Threats Plaguing Businesses

There are many cyber security threats that businesses are faced with today. Of course, there are always ways for businesses to prevent these threats from impacting them. However, in order for companies to minimize these threats, they first need to

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Security Benefits of Using a Managed IT Provider

Businesses today are faced with multiple security threats, such as viruses, malware, hackers, and other issues. In order to properly manage these threats, it helps to have a dedicated team of experts whose main role it is to keep the

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Internal Network Security Best Practices

When creating an internal security plan, many companies focus on the external side without realizing that internal network security can also be a factor. In thinking about it, it makes sense to focus on network security within the company. Despite

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What to Know About PCI Data Storage Guidelines

At the core of the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, is to protect the sensitive credit card data that companies store for their records. As a global organization, the PCI Security Standards Council is concerned with

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How to Maintain PCI-DSS Compliance

Keeping credit card data secure is a top concern for businesses of all sizes. Not only that, but credit card information isn’t the only thing that’s at stake – the sensitive customer data that is associated with the credit card

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Businesses Should Update Their Cyber Security Strategies for 2017

Once a company’s initial cyber security plan is set up, many of them believe that’s all they need to do. That couldn’t be further from the truth! As hackers get more sophisticated in their tactics, it’s so important to change

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PCI-DSS Compliance and Protecting Sensitive Credit Card Data

All businesses that accept credit card payments are at risk for experiencing a data breach. Often, these incidents are reported in the news – but not always, which means that these cybercrimes happen more often that people think. Large businesses

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