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Use These Office 365 Productivity Tools

Office 365 has a lot of features, and many of them are underutilized. Whether collaborating on a report with a colleague down the hall or brainstorming in an airport terminal across the country, Microsoft has developed powerful tools to boost

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Why Businesses Need a Strategic Technology Plan

Businesses should strongly consider creating a strategic technology plan. Defined as an outline for the development of technology and information technology (IT) infrastructure, it plays an important role in a business’s future growth. Here are some reasons every business needs

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How to Choose a Business Antivirus Solution

Businesses these days should be concerned about security, which means that they need to spend considerable time and resources on creating an effective cyber security plan. Some businesses believe that all they need to do is install a firewall and

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Why Businesses Need a Strong Firewall

It’s true that businesses need to protect their valuable assets. In today’s world, the valuable assets aren’t just physical – they’re digital as well. Data breaches can negatively impact a business. Once sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it

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Why Use a Hybrid Cloud

Not every cloud solution is exactly the same, which means that businesses need to find the best option for their needs. Businesses that decide to utilize the cloud can choose a public cloud, a private cloud, or a combination of

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4 Ways to Protect Businesses from Data Breaches

Although there have been some high profile data breaches, businesses of all sizes are also affected by these security issues. The problem is, once a business is targeted, this can cause a lot of headaches. Not only can businesses lose

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What to Know About Compliance Regulations and Cyber Security

Cyber security is a big concern for businesses today. Due to the rising risk of data security breaches, more regulation is being put in place to avoid unwanted intrusion on information. High profile breaches have led to business searching for

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Know How to Identify Fraudulent Emails

When it comes to cyber security, businesses no doubt spend valuable resources on creating and implementing a security plan. However, no matter how solid these plans are, employees will always be the weakest link. One of the biggest issues originates

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Employee Education Slashes Cyber Security Risks

There are countless cyber security threats that can affect businesses, and the ultimate goal is to protect against each one of them with every strategy they have at their disposal. Cyber security threats include ransomware, malware, CEO fraud, and viruses.

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Why Businesses Should Use Strong Passwords

It is true that passwords are the first line of defense to protect businesses form security breaches. The problem is, it all depends on the type of password that is used. Weak passwords are too easy for hackers to crack,

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