3 Common Cloud Migration Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

It’s true that businesses can benefit from cloud computing, but the migration process can be a hassle. Businesses of all sizes no doubt embrace the cloud because they’re attracted to the many benefits, such as the cost savings, increased data storage, and improved security. However, transferring data into the cloud can be problematic if not done correctly. Businesses should first identify the major challenges associated with cloud migration and then take measures to prevent them from occurring. Here’s a look at how businesses can beat the most common challenges when it comes to migrating to the cloud:

Choose the Best Cloud Solution

Businesses can insure a smooth transition by first taking the extra time to select the right cloud service for their needs. Things to consider include data storage, price, security, and compliance. The goal is to determine which of these is the most important and then select the cloud solution that will best meet these needs. For example, data storage within the health industry is required to be HIPAA compliant. The cloud solution that is chosen needs to follow those regulations. Finding the right cloud solution will make the migration process go much smoother.

Follow Security Best Practices

On of the biggest challenges to overcome has to do with data security during the migration itself. Sure, businesses could have adequate security in place. There’s also no doubt that most cloud providers ensure that data that is being stored on their platform is protected. However, data that is being transferred is especially vulnerable. Before making the switch, check industry compliance standards and follow the protocols outlined. For example, HIPAA compliance regulations indicate that for transferring data, it should first be encrypted to minimize the risk. In fact, encrypting the data can be beneficial for all industries.

Manage Time and Resources

One of the biggest hurdles to cloud migration is the fact that the process requires the use of a lot of resources. It also takes a considerable amount of time. These two things alone are enough to cause businesses to postpone the migration, even if they know that the cloud could ultimately make things much easier for them. Moving data, especially if the data will need to be encrypted beforehand, can be a slow process. Not only does it take a lot of bandwidth, but also some of the data might need to be moved manually or overseen by the IT department. The way to prevent this from becoming an issue is to set realistic expectations for the process and adequately plan all the details of the migration so that things can go much more smoothly.

Are you thinking of moving your business to the cloud? To insure a smooth transition, cloud service providers and IT professionals need to work together. Contact Roan Solutions for more information about the best way to approach migrating to the cloud.

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