Computer Repair and Security: Is It Time To Upgrade Your Firewall?

In your business, having a tight security wall is very important. Having intruders come into your network could be detrimental to your work because it could be viruses that could being the downfall of your entire IT and network services. By taking the necessary measures to protect your business from disaster situations, you will be saving yourself time and money. In the article below, you can determine whether it is time to call up your local Boston IT outsourcing and support guy to put you in a good piece of mind.

You’ve heard it before — the only thing that is constant is change. That statement seems to be particularly true of technology. We want to share a announcement that we received recently from Sonicwall about their product line. Many of you have been protecting your network for several years with their reliable firewall products. But now, due to the ever-increasing sophistication of hackers, hacking tools and security threats, it has become necessary for Sonicwall to revamp their entire product line to combat these new dangers.

No doubt you’ve heard about some of the newer threats such as Nimda, Code Red, SQL Slammer, MSBlaster, SoBig, MyDoom & Sasser. Some of these are so sophisticated that they actually have the ability to disguise themselves as “legitimate” network traffic which allows them to get through many firewalls. Over the past few years these exploits have affected millions of computers worldwide causing billions of dollars of damage in downtime and lost productivity. SonicWALL has responded to these new threats by adding a high-speed Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) to their product portfolio. This service is only available on their new 4th generation product line due to the intensive processing and memory requirements.

IPS uses something called Deep Packet Inspection technology which enables the firewall to inspect the actual data in the network packets and determine whether or not it’s something malicious in nature and if so, block it and notify you via email. It can also improve productivity by allowing you to monitor and control the use of instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications and in the near future; Adware and Spyware! As with all their products, IPS is extremely easy to implement and configure and requires virtually no administration once installed. It even periodically updates the internal database it uses to verify and store “signatures” of all the various known attacks and vulnerabilities automatically.

If your Sonicwall is two years old or older, you may want to consider the affordable upgrade options that Sonicwall offers to its customers. They have set some extremely aggressive pricing to make it easy to step up to the best Internet security protection available. To learn more about it, call us.

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