Current Condition of Cloud Computing Market

We recently read an article on Gigaom which talks about cloud computing and the way the current market is set around it. We liked this article because it has to do a lot with our clients and future clients that are trying to fully understand cloud computing.

Of course when we discuss "cloud" computing, we are not really referring to an actual cloud....

A few of the solutions that are discussed in the article are that offered by IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Openstack. These are among the best solutions to be offered at the moment with the current market the way it is and the article is pretty much a review of all four of these major solutions.

One of major things that the article talks about is the decision that CIO’s have recently been getting over. In recent months there has been a major shift in the way that CIO’s have thought about cloud computing and their trust they put in it. Economics and innovation have to be in perfect harmony in order for an idea to really take off and that is exactly what has recently been happening with cloud computing.

5: CIOs are getting over cloud phobia

It’s taken time, but the economics of cloud computing are too good for CIOs to ignore, Coyle said. Any doubts they had about moving at least some corporate data to an outside cloud storage provider, for instance, have evaporated in recent months.

And they’re getting emboldened to do more than storage. The advent of Hadoop and NoSQL technologies means that companies could actually get some use out of all that old stuff sitting on tape or in platters, he said. Uploading that information, and massaging it with the latest analytics means that historical data can be used to test assumptions and new models, for example, seeing what a price change means to sales over time.

This is the exact part in the article that talks about the cloud usage and how CIO’s are readily warming up to the idea of backing up a lot of data in the cloud.

Please, let us know what you think about all this! Do you believe that cloud computing will eventually take off and become a huge part of the internet and economy or do you believe that it is a dead end?

You can read the full article here.

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