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In a recent white paper issued through BMC Software, the topic was broached about “custom clouds” since one size may not fit all clients. In fact, one size may not fit all levels of employees or users. Rest assured, at Roan Solutions, we will work with your Boston-based business and tailor a custom solution that fits your organization’s needs.

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Roan Solutions Can Customize Your Cloud

The white paper discussed how many businesses are faced with an up-front decision: should our cloud be structured as a “take-it or leave-it” service, or shall we “customize the services available in our cloud”? The customized cloud solutions break down even further into two groups: what BMC refers to as the “thousand shades of cloud” scenario (where a virtual library is created to assist in a unique experience) or a “modular” cloud service (where each user can piece components together).

In the “take it or leave it” approach, the work involved with a customized cloud is often left to the application administrators. This can create an additional burden of time (and work) needed with each end user, and each application. This additional level of work involved should be factored into the decision to offer this approach to service. What BMC found was many end users simply stopped using the service, or resorted to public clouds or alternate methods to get the work done. As organizations and businesses grow, this “take it or leave it” approach may not serve as an optimal solution.

When you try to conceive of the “thousand shades of cloud” approach, a different image unfolds. One request becomes two, two become four and soon the whole cloud is a customized mess. End users get the results they desire, but (again) at what cost? The software stacks become a project all on their own.

With a “modular” approach to cloud services, a system can be employed where users select the services or data they want and disregard the services they do not need. The business or organization has complete control over which packages (or components) are available for end users, and can offer a menu from which users can then customize further.

We feel the customized, modular approach is the best solution, but here at Roan Solutions, we remain ready to customize your system to suit the needs of your organization. Call us at (617) 799-8922 to discuss how we can help you optimize your team AND your work environment.


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