Disaster Recovery In Boston – Strategies And Implementation

Just imagine this for a second…

It’s a Monday, you arrive at work and everyone is going crazy. You ask what’s happened and an intern politely informs you that all the company’s data has been wiped out. The email, Word documents, contacts, billing data, accounting information and databases are all gone forever. Everything that made your company run is no more.

What would you do?

The sad fact is there is nothing you can do. There is no way to recreate year’s worth of data while still servicing your clients with the same number of employees. It’s just impossible. Here’s a sobering and truly scary statistic from the London Chamber of Commerce:

90% of all businesses that experience a major loss of data are out of business within 2 years.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Facts - Roan Solutions

Backup and Disaster Recovery Facts - Roan Solutions

The strange thing is that according to a survey by Rubicon Consulting, while almost all businesses realize the importance of having backups, nearly 30% never make them. And for those that do, they are experiencing massive data growth in their business while at the same time employing outdated or ineffective systems. This same survey revealed that of the companies that do make regular backups, 92% have still suffered data loss. Of these, 20% lost sales, 20% lost customers and 25% claimed massive disruptions to their company.

Thankfully situations like these are totally preventable – you just need a complete backup and recovery plan. Email us at info@roansolutions.com now or call us today at 1.877.774.4647 and we will immediately give you the answers you need to put your worries to rest.

The Problem

There are so many threats to our data these days from natural disasters like hurricane Sandy, malicious hackers, cyber-terrorism, theft, fire, floods and viruses. Any day one of these could take down your whole business and you would be helpless to do anything about it. If you don’t have a backup solution in place, it’s just a matter of time before you suffer some kind of data loss and it could be fatal to your business. It’s just one of those events that will happen at some point, so it’s not a matter of if, but when.

You know this, and so does everyone else.

The problem is, more information doesn’t make the decision any easier or help you to take action. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Most people are completely confused about the whole backup thing and it’s no surprise. The vast options for hardware, software and technical terminology is enough to make anyone confused. The fact is it’s a full-time job even for IT staff to stay up to date with it so it’s no wonder the average business owner is overwhelmed.

Many companies are still stuck with old and outdated tape backup systems which are a real pain to maintain and use. They get old, they’re sensitive to temperature and they need a very strict and disciplined system to keep the backups up to date. Another problem is that many companies are charging exorbitant prices for even the most simple backup services.

The Solution

You need a backup and recovery solution that makes backups really easy, recovery fast and doesn’t give your IT staff too much extra work to maintain. Thankfully there are some amazing new developments in the world of backup and recovery which makes complete solutions for SMBs really simple, effective and affordable. You can now take advantage of the latest technology and have a 100% customized and hassle-free system that takes care of all your backup needs for a fraction of the price it would have cost even 2 years ago.

At Roan Solution we take care of the whole process for you.

We come to your premises, analyze your business needs, your existing system and then we design a new solution from scratch that backs up your whole system really easily, needs little maintenance and is within your budget.

We can even make it fully automated so everything is done without any thought, input or time needed from you at all. Without any resources being sapped by doing backups you can focus on your core business instead, saving you significant capital and resources.

Email us at info@roansolutions.com now or call us today at 1.877.774.4647 to get a free system check, plan outline and quote.


While backing up your data is a critical process for any business, how quickly that data can be restored to 100% working capability is equally important. In a survey of 104 small to medium sized businesses across many different industries, some shocking statistics were uncovered.

When asked how often they tested their restore process these were the results:

  • 23.8% never did
  • 17% only tested yearly
  • 27% do it quarterly
  • 12% weekly
  • < 1% daily

So nearly a quarter of the respondents never did one of the most important backup procedures – making sure their backup actually works. Scary.

When asked to guess a value on just one hour of potential downtime these were the numbers:

  • 36% – had no idea
  • 26% – hundreds of dollars
  • 31% – thousands of dollars
  • 6% – hundreds of thousands
  • < 1% – more than a million dollars

These are extremely conservative estimates since it’s very difficult for anyone to foresee the full effect of just one hour of data outage on their business. They mostly don’t take into account things like new business leads, existing clients contracts that get cancelled, word of mouth and the long-term ripple effect where it gets much tougher to win new business since news travels so fast in tight-knit industries. Here are some real world figures by industry on how much the average company loses per hour without their data:

  • Manufacturing: $1.6 million
  • Financial: $1.4 million
  • IT: $1.3 million
  • Insurance:  $1.2 million
  • Retail: 1.1 million

Those are some pretty significant numbers. When asked how much time they felt was acceptable for a backup restore to take, 98.1% said less than one day. Most businesses that are hit with a data outage longer than 10 days never recover financially. So it’s clear that we grossly underestimate the effect that data loss will have on our business.

As we start to rely more and more on technology to do business with customer communications, supply chains and transactions, we become more reliant on a steady stream of data when we need it. The importance of a proper backup plan and disaster recovery system being in place has never been higher. Backups should be given just as much importance as the protection of our companies’ network.

Unfortunately there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan that will work for everybody. Each business’ needs and systems are too unique for a generic solution. Each business also has a very different risk profile. Some are along known fault lines, others have massive transactional data needs, while others are prone to fires etc.


Even if you’ve done everything right (backing up on a regular basis, making sure your equipment is working well, that systems and settings are all up to date and testing your restores) if a water main bursts in your building which floods the servers and backup machines, you will still lose everything in the blink of an eye.

So backing up everything well is only half the process. To be completely safe the data should be moved to an offsite location to minimize risk further. Having everything in the same place is extremely risky and unnecessary.

The Cloud

A really easy and cost-effective way to backup offsite is to take advantage of cloud-based services. This way your data is managed on the best, most secure systems in existence with none of the expense that would come with setting up a similar system yourself. Another huge benefit of the cloud is that backups can take place automatically every time a file is updated without the need to copy everything across each time. This makes backing up simple, easy and needs little effort or planning.

A big bonus here is running specific, essential services like email in the cloud can free up a lot of your resources and manpower. You don’t have to pay for costly hardware, software or upgrades, just a small monthly fee to keep it running smoothly.

As you can see there’s nothing simple when it comes to doing backups and creating a solid disaster recovery solution. There are many pitfalls to avoid and mistakes that inexperienced companies make. At Roan Solutions we have the experience, proven track record and insider knowledge to get you up and running with a safe, stable and cost-effective backup and recovery plan. We will analyze your business and create a tailor-made plan to fit you perfectly.

Email us at info@roansolutions.com now or call us today at 1.877.774.4647 to get a free system check, plan and quote.


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