Employee Education Slashes Cyber Security Risks

There are countless cyber security threats that can affect businesses, and the ultimate goal is to protect against each one of them with every strategy they have at their disposal. Cyber security threats include ransomware, malware, CEO fraud, and viruses. While businesses typically use strategies such as installing the latest cyber security protection software and installing firewalls, this is only a small piece of the puzzle.

Often, it is the unplanned situations that pose the biggest risks and unfortunately, it is very difficult to plan for them. Employee education, however, is something that can help considerably. Here’s a look at how keeping employees informed can help minimize the risks:

Why Employees Are the Weakest Link

Hackers understand that employees are often the weakest link in the cyber security chain. They know that on some level, employees really can’t be controlled. Sure, companies can require certain rules for creating passwords or mandate that employees stay current on all software updates, but ultimately they can’t control whether or not someone opens a bad email or visits a suspicious website while at work. Since hackers know this, they often exploit it by sending suspicious emails designed to look legitimate. The way to minimize this risk is to educate employees not only on the standard policies for cyber safety, but on how to really spot a security threat when it arises.

Teach Them About Security Best Practices

It’s true that it is up to management and the IT departments to establish and enforce cyber security policies. However, there is only so much they can do. Unless employees understand what’s at stake on a deeper level, it is difficult to get them to abide by the rules. Not only that, but there are unplanned situation, such as opening an infected email, that no policy can enforce. Their education needs to be thorough so they can always make the right decisions. Practices such as creating great passwords, staying current on all software applications, and controlling how data gets stored can all help increase security companywide.

Educate About all the Top Security Risks

Sure, you can inform employees as to what the policies are concerning cyber security. However, there is only so much management can do. Unless employees really understand what the top security risks are, it will be a little difficult to get them to fully comply. Not only that, but when they are educated against the risks, they will be able to react if something unexpected happens. For example, company policy can tell them not to open any suspicious emails, but they need to know what a suspicious email really looks like before they can truly follow the policies.

As you can see, educating employees about cyber security can really help keep the company safe from these threats. For more information on the best way to educate employees, contact Roan Solutions.

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