Essentials To Hybrid Cloud Computing

We recently read an article that talks about the certain essentials to cloud computing, a new technology that is just taking off. The article was found on ConnectWise, an IT managing company. The company has been referred to prior to this article as being known as an IT Blog of all IT Blogs. It is a major influence for all IT Consulting Businesses in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

One of the cool things that the article talks about is the necessities and tools that can be used with cloud computing. One of the big strategies that a lot of companies utilize is called “Hybrid Cloud Computing”. In order to utilize this technique a company must own a local appliance that will act as an NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit. This means that this device must act as a back up device for the computers that are operated locally but it also must send the same data that it backs up, off site to a third party. They contain machines that do magical things with this data such as decompress it, optimize it, and make it able to stream over reduced bandwidths.

All of this sounds real technical to an average reader but I’m sure everyone knows that the people of Boston are some of the smartest in the world, and that is where our company, Roan Solutions is based out of. What this all means in simpler terms (to all the non-Boston readers) is that it backs up all data that is sent to a cloud computing company. The data will still be used directly as it would if they didn’t have this appliance but it would also be backed up locally. This creates higher security because the company wouldn’t be relying on a third party to send all of their data too.

One more brilliant advantage of this is the cost advantage.

Cost Benefits
• Private clouds are expensive.
o Large financial investments are necessary to produce an effective solution.
o Regular maintenance/labor costs
• You don’t own all pieces of puzzle with Hybrid.
o Only the local unit is purchased, while the rest of the infrastructure lies in the 3rd party’s cloud.
o No costly maintenance is required by the MSP. Only a monthly service fee.

Business models in this industry are not universal. With some solutions hardware is not directly purchased, but leased or provided with no upfront cost (HaaS). While no initial investment is required, monthly service fees are generally substantially higher and require long-term contracts.

That is the shortest version of hybrid cloud computing that we can provide. Hopefully we were able to help! You can read the full article on by clicking here. Please, we beg you to drop us a comment if you have any questions or to call Roan Solutions if you need any IT Services.

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