Feds want super standard in cybersecurity compliance

Are you ready for more cybersecurity regulation in your business?

You’ve already experienced regulators from at least three or four federal agencies auditing your network security compliance each year. Well, now a congressional task force is recommending a super-standard that would cut the number of annual audits back to just one. Sounds good at first doesn’t it?

We’ve found in a Networkworld article that this is the result of a task force set up in June by House Speaker John Boehner to respond to the Obama administration’s proposed cybersecurity legislation, delivered to Congress in May.

If adopted, the proposal would consolidate federal cybersecurity mandates issued by disparate agencies into a single set of standards that would satisfy all of their requirements. Businesses would require a single audit that would satisfy all requirements, according to the House Republican Cybersecurity Task Force, which released its recommendations today.

This will very likely to have an impact on the bottom line for all businesses with budgets that are already stretched very thin.

Regulatory compliance has become the bane of CIOs and CISOs, sapping their budgets to the point where some say they can afford to do little else but meet the regulations to the satisfaction of auditors.

Have you found where more regulation has helped your business with costs, production or growth? We’d like to hear from you.

If you would like to read more from this Networkworld article, just click here

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