New Amazon Tablet to Compete with iPad

The Amazon tablet is supposed to be a competitor to Apple’s iPad both of which run a cloud computing internet setup. Whether you are using the cloud computing in Boston or in Paris it should work the same, which is unbelievable. Many people have been on the lookout for IT support in Boston recently, and certainly on a worldwide scale this has been an issue as well. Moving to tablets such as Amazon’s and Apple’s could potentially make this IT support easier to offer for many businesses. This article talks about the Amazon tablet and how it plans to compete with the iPad.

Details about the Amazon tablet are slowly emerging as its supposed release draws closer. The latest news out of the Chinese manufacturing scene is that Amazon, like others, are opting for a low-cost touchscreen panel only capable of two-finger multitouch. The iPad and Honeycomb tabs currently use a 10-finger solution. The alternative keeps the cost down while still providing most general functions.

Digitimes reports that this practice is becoming more popular for entry-level smartphones and tablets. Amazon, among others, need to compete with Apple on both the functionality and price. Honeycomb already provides most of the former, but expensive components currently limit OEMs and CE companies from offering tablets at more competitive prices.

Of course none of this report was confirmed by Amazon. The retailer’s tablet is said to be slated for a fall launch, which also hasn’t been confirmed by the company. The report, if it’s true, shows that Amazon understands the key to competitiveness is price, not straight up cloning. Besides, why does the Amazon tablet need more than two-finger multitouch? It only takes one finger to buy wares from Amazon.

To read the full text of this article found on Tech, click here. What are your thoughts on all of the new tablets that have been hitting the market recently? Will you consider buying them for your small business in Boston?

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