3 Advantages for Outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider

While it is true that technology is a vital part of businesses today, it also does create some challenges. The increased use of technology requires a staff to maintain it as well as creating the need for extra security considerations. This role usually falls to a company’s IT departments, but there is also another option for businesses of all sizes – outsourcing this aspect of the business to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Here’s a look at some of the advantages to outsourcing:

IT Departments Are Often Understaffed

When hiring people for an in-house IT department, businesses often hire a handful of individuals who have a wide variety of skills. In fact, many companies rely on a small number of people to handle the IT needs of a company, but even in smaller businesses, the needs are so varied that this isn’t always the best approach. For example, all businesses need to be concerned with cyber security but many don’t have a dedicated cyber security expert on staff.

As a result of this, companies usually have IT needs that the small, in-house departments are unable to meet. This doesn’t happen when entrusting IT to an MSP because they formulate an IT plan based on a company’s specific needs and match the appropriate staff with that plan. In order for businesses to build up a comparable, in-house IT department, it would take a considerable amount of the companies’ resources.

Managed Service Providers Save Companies Money

The biggest resource that MSP’s save a company relates to money. Hiring an MSP to handle IT is cost effective because they pair the best IT professionals to get the job done. There are a lot of hidden costs associated with hiring additional employees that simply aren’t associated with MSP’s.

Because of this, companies are able to save money and increase the quality of their IT. Not only that, but Managed Service Providers also have a tendency to hire experts, so businesses of all sizes have access to them at a fraction of the cost. For companies to hire experts, the costs associated are even greater since they would need to pay the individuals a salary, fund their benefits, pay taxes, et cetera.

Increased Efficiency

Overall, MSP’s are often more efficient than an in-house department would be. Benefits such as around the clock management, access to a team of experts, and access to a custom plan are all the ways that managed service providers can help companies run more efficiently. Managed Service Providers not only constantly monitor a business’s networks and other IT capabilities, but they are able to respond to a problem quickly so that it can be resolved without resulting in serious losses for the company. The increased efficiency when it comes to IT results in greater efficiency for the company as a whole.

Businesses have a choice as to whether they want to fully outsource all of their IT needs to a Managed Service Provider or maintain some IT staff while also outsourcing most of it. Contact Roan Solutions for more information and to help you choose the options that are right for your business.

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