Security Benefits of Using a Managed IT Provider

Security Benefits of Using a Managed IT ProviderBusinesses today are faced with multiple security threats, such as viruses, malware, hackers, and other issues. In order to properly manage these threats, it helps to have a dedicated team of experts whose main role it is to keep the business’s assets secure. Security breaches pose multiple threats to businesses, such as sensitive data leakages and downtime, which both can result in lost revenue for the company.

In order to minimize these issues, it helps to have a solid security plan. Unfortunately, businesses often don’t have the right IT team in place to handle these security issues. In this case, using a managed IT provider can step up the company’s game when it comes to security. Here are the security benefits companies enjoy when using a managed IT provider:

Access to Top Security Technologies

One of the major roles of a managed IT provider is to optimize the company’s IT infrastructure. Since security measures are part of the infrastructure, this is something the managed IT service will provide, as well. Not only that, but they add a level of expertise to the security protocols that a company’s existing IT department may not have access to. Tasks such as building security firewalls, installing top of the line virus protection, and implementing email spam filters are all things the service provider could install to beef up security. Not only that, but they’ll be able to use the industry’s best technologies in order to perform these tasks.

Perform Constant Network Maintenance

It isn’t enough to implement the security protocols while building the IT infrastructure. The network needs to be continuously monitored and assessed so that maintenance can be performed. The problem is, IT departments are often strapped for resources, which means that these tasks aren’t always being performed. If these maintenance measures aren’t taken, it can make it much easier for a threat to breach the IT infrastructure and put the company’s valuable assets at risk. Activities that could raise red flags include network activity from a certain IP address outside of the business’s normal base of operations, software updates, and an increase in spam emails to employee email addresses. These all should be addressed before they pose a serious threat.

Adherence to Industry Policies

In some industries, it isn’t necessarily enough to implement security measures that will keep the business’s assets safe. There are some policies that need to be adhered to, as well. The problem is, industry standards are always changing, and many IT departments aren’t staffed well enough to keep up. With managed IT providers, however, this isn’t the case since they always stay current with industry policies, such as HIPAA and PCI, as part of their ongoing training. These compliance standards often have protocols that will help keep the company’s information assets more secure.

Managed IT service providers can help keep a business’s valuable assets more secure. For more information on how Roan Solutions can help, click here.

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