Security Considerations for Cloud Computing

There’s no doubt that cloud computing is increasing in popularity with businesses of all sizes. They implement a cloud computing infrastructure for a variety of reasons, including cost savings and efficient and streamlined data storage. Before any business makes the switch to cloud computing, it is important to take security into consideration and some believe that security is actually enhanced when using the cloud. Here are some things to consider about cloud computing and its relationship with security. This can ultimately help companies find the best providers for their needs.

Keeps Your Data Safe in Case of Attack 

Even if the business has adequate security measures in place for their internal networks, a breach can still occur that leaves sensitive data vulnerable. When a company’s sensitive data is stored outside of the company’s network, however, it will remain impervious to an attack that impacts the business’ networks. The reason for this is that the cloud has its own security so internal security breaches are unlikely to trickle into the cloud. This is especially true in the case of ransomware attacks. Utilizing the cloud can ultimately prevent a business from being tempted to pay the ransom to restore the data since they’ll be able to access and restore the data on their own.

Knows About Industry Compliance

When it comes to the security of the networks, industry compliance is also an issue to examine when it comes to the cloud. Each industry has its own set of security protocols. These include the PCI-DSS compliance standards that are required for financial and retail institutions as well as the HIPAA compliance that is required of some other industries. Not only do companies need to stay current on the security standards, but the cloud-computing providers need to be compliant, as well. When shopping for cloud providers, it is important to make sure that they do adhere to these standards. With that being said, cloud service providers can make industry compliance much easier because most are in compliance.

Makes Sure the Migration Process Goes Smoothly

When it comes to the cloud, most IT departments are attracted to the ease at which they can store and access the data and don’t necessarily give the security itself much thought. Even if the cloud service itself has excellent security, there are still security risks. Data migration from the company to the cloud is one of those risks and it can be challenging because during the transfer, the data is vulnerable. For experienced hackers, this is all the time they need. Great cloud security companies know what the risks are and will take measures to minimize them. Some have extra security measures in places that will minimize or eliminate this security risk altogether.

There are a lot of benefits to cloud computing and this service can truly benefit businesses of all sizes. Before deciding on a provider, it is a good idea to keep these security considerations in mind. Contact Roan Solutions for more information.

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