Security Risks Associated With IoT

The latest technological advances allow people to communicate and interact with each other and their devices in ways they never thought possible, creating a world of limitless potential. Although IoT, or the Internet of Things, adds a layer of convenience to businesses of all sizes, problems can arise. In particular, there are security concerns to be aware of.

Ultimately, companies need to decide how they want to handle IoT and the associated security risks. Since IoT does make workers’ lives easier, businesses might want to consider identifying what the risks are and then develop solutions to minimize these risks. Here’s a look at the main security concerns associated with IoT:

Physical Threats

Physical threats are those that occur to the layer of a network that includes the hardware. These types of threats are designed to specifically impact the hardware, such as a USB port in a physical device. The goal of this type of threat is for a hacker to take control of the specific device, such as the USB port, and use it to gather information, insert malicious code, or cause a virus that can cause the company harm. Typically, attackers need to be fairly close to the device in order to execute this type of attack.

Network Attacks

Network attacks related to IoT are a serious threat, especially since the attacks can be executed remotely. Hackers search for easy ways to breach a system and unfortunately, not all IoT devices are secure so it is fairly easy for the attackers to gain unauthorized access. They often breach systems in search of sensitive information they can use, such as customer and credit card data. Not only that, but some attacks are crippling and can cause the company to go offline. If this happens, it can also represent a considerable loss of revenue.


Spoofing is another serious concern when it comes to IoT. This occurs when two or more devices communicate with each other, they will use IP addresses, hardware codes and other identifiers to determine the identity of any device that is requesting information or trying to execute a command. Someone with a little knowledge about how networks operate can spoof device information to send commands or to steal someone’s information. When a device is compromised it can then be used to launch denial of service attacks on other networks. This is another one of those serious threats that can result in a loss of revenue for the businesses.

After learning about the countless threats that come with IoT, some people feel reluctant to embrace the advances in technology. The good news is that anyone can take proactive steps to stay out of harm’s way and to safeguard their sensitive files. Using encrypted connections, physical security and device updates will work wonders when it comes to reducing these risks. For more information on what can be done, contact Roan Solutions.

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