Servers Also Need Antivirus Protection


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Most businesses know how important it is for every workstation to have antivirus software installed because viruses and malware can all put the valuable company assets at risk by exposing information such as passwords and other sensitive information to hackers and other intruders. They also prevent the computers from working at their peak because viruses and malware can slow the machines down considerably.

However, workstation computers and laptops aren’t the only machines that need to be protected by antivirus and antimalware programs. Viruses and malware can also begin infected other machines within the company and once a server is compromised, it can infect the IT infrastructure as a whole through it’s native sharing capability. Servers need to be protected, as well. Here’s more information:

Why Servers Need Antivirus Protection

Unlike desktop workstations and laptops, servers are not designed for the end user. This is one of the major reasons why companies often feel as if they don’t need to install antivirus are malware protection. However, even though computers and laptops are a lot more vulnerable, the risks that a server will be infected are still there, especially if the virus or malware enters the company through an unprotected channel such as a desktop or laptop. Since the server is responsible for storing, maintaining, and processing a company’s valuable information, it makes sense to protect it.

Let’s imagine that the virus gets past the antivirus and malware protection that is in place at the gateway of your netowrk and it manages to get into the server. Once it does that, it then has the capability of infecting the entire IT infrastructure, which will enable it to spread throughout the entire business. However, if the server had its own protection, the virus or malware would have been detected before it could spread.

Operating Systems Can Leave Servers Vulnerable

Regardless of which operating system is installed on the server, savvy virus and malware developers can still exploit any OS’s weaknesses. Even if the company uses an operating system that has a low incidence of being infected by viruses or malware, it is still possible for a breach to occur. If the operating system is widely used, as is the case with the Windows Server operating system, this increases the likelihood of ending up with a virus. Rather than fixing the situation after an infection occurs, it is much better to have an antivirus and malware solution in place to prevent it.

Businesses of all sizes need antivirus and antimalware solutions that will protect more than just the employees’ desktop workstations and managed antivirus solutions should include protection for servers, as well.

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