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Prediction: 1 Billion HTML5 Phones Sold in 2013

It’s not news that more and more people are bringing their own phones to the work places. There’s even an acronym for it, BYOD, bring your own device. We have written about the risk of employee devices brought into and

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Ireland and Iceland Want Data Centers

Location, location, location. You hear it all the time. Companies looking for the best location for their Data Centers are looking to the Western edge of Europe. They’re looking at Ireland and Iceland. Both countries are looking to fuel their

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Google’s IT Security Hole

Google’s IT consultants were working hard the past few days because of a hole in their IT security. Malware is getting into their Android Store and getting onto the devices. Check out the article from about the tech support

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Google’s Cloud Computing Strategy

Google is becoming known for their IT services and cloud computing software. talks about how their new “laptop” is coming to the market and how it will mainly focus on online data backup and cloud computing. Check out the

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Microsoft vs. Google: Which is Best for Boston Business IT?

Boston small business should be on the lookout for new and improved ways to have the top of the line IT communication services. From an article on, the battle between Microsoft and Google rages on. Both services offer innovative

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Citrix Interests our Boston IT Clients

Many of our Boston IT clients are always interested in what technology will give us through the cloud. From an article on, a startup company called Citrix is making online data backup, virtualization and other IT managed service needs.

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Cloud Scares Brings in the IT Repairs

Google’s computer repair team is working to make the damages minimal but the Gmail scare of 2011 is hitting the news. The small failure in the search engine’s cloud network has made people realize that being cloud dependent could be

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IT Consulting: How Cloud Solutions Create a Storm

The computer world never stands still. When new ways of processing business are developed, large corporations are always the first to use it. When computing such as cloud computing comes into the picture however, small and medium sized businesses want

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