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Prediction: 1 Billion HTML5 Phones Sold in 2013

It’s not news that more and more people are bringing their own phones to the work places. There’s even an acronym for it, BYOD, bring your own device. We have written about the risk of employee devices brought into and

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Windows 8- Too Advanced for Us?

IT Consulting and Tech Support Companies will want to know about this. It’s not even two years since the Release of its Windows 7 operating system, and already Microsoft is showing off Windows 8, which should be released next year.

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Mobile IT – Ever hear of it?

IT Consultants of Boston are you listening? It was less than a week ago when we posted information about the “take your own device” to work trend starting to take flight. According to an article in GigaOm, it seems 2011

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Support for Consumer Phones Now More Than Half

Based on data in a Forrester research report published today, businesses that never expected to support personal consumer devices, seem to be changing their minds. Forrester’s data shows that 59 percent are now supporting employee-owned smartphones in various ways. This

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Boston Managed Services: What Does Roan Solutions Provide?

In this video, Liza Macgale asks Craig Raubenheimer of Roan Solutions to discuss managed services and how they are beneficial for small and medium size businesses. Managed services focuses on four sectors – operation, administration, provisioning, and maintenance. Craig Raubenheimer

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IT Help for Boston Businesses: Frequently Misunderstood IT Terms

One of the most common question I get from my IT consulting clients in Boston is “What is ‘deduplication’?”  IT terms can be confusing, to say the least. Additionally, misconstrued IT terms effect employee productivity, and without accessible network support,

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Network Support and Emails: What are Read Receipts?

In life, when you order a meal in a restaurant, you know that the chef has received your “message” because your food arrives a short while later (provided you’ve ordered off the menu and haven’t angered the chef by making too many suggestions). When it comes to e-mail, however, things aren’t so black and white. How can you be sure that someone has received and actually read your message? To put it bluntly, you can make it easy, but you can’t make it happen. You can set it up for your recipients to let you know if they’ve read your note, but it’s really up to them. I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s figure out how to set up message tracking. Because if you don’t do that first, they can’t use it.

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Microsoft Small Business Servers Empowers Mobile Workers

You probably know what a server can do for your office. But do you know what it can do when you’re out of the office? A 2003 survey of Small Business Server users conducted by Lawrence Associates LLC offers a clue. It found that employees were able to perform an average of 20% more revenue-producing tasks, thanks in no small part to functions that allowed them to stay connected to their office computers while they were away.

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Network Services in Boston: Do You Need Managed Services?

Are managed services a better choice than the way you are doing things now? Like everything else in your office, the answer will depend on how you want to measure it.

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The Best IT Consulting in Boston

If you visit my office, you will probably notice right away that I have three large flat screen displays that sit together and are synchronized so they work like a single very wide display. The large display area enables me to work very efficiently. I keep my Outlook 2007 Inbox open on the screen to the left so I can see new messages as they come in. I usually have the message or document that I’m currently reading or writing in the center screen. The screen on the right is where I have room to open up a browser or look at a document that someone has sent me in e-mail.

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