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As Many As 200,000 PC’s Are Vulnerable Right Now

We recently read an article at Network World which talks about a recent hack that has been discovered for PCs that are running the pcAnywhere program. Roan Solutions manages many different types of clients that have different situations but one

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Boston’s Job Market – Second to One

Good news for Boston IT support consulting providers. According to a report released Monday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics , Boston’s jobs numbers grew almost two percent, year over year, by the end of this October – more

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Is it The End of The PC?

What would the end of the PC era mean to you if you provided Computer Networking Support in Boston? We were curious about the possibility when the following appeared in an article posted by Harvard Law School. The following op-ed

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Big Brother and Your Smartphone

As providers of Boston Area Tech Support we thought this article about the tracking of smartphone use was very interesting. Most of us that bought a smartphone and the required mobile service to use it think that’s the end of

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Boston Brain Drain

If the economy isn’t the reason Boston Area Technology Support and Boston IT Consulting businesses aren’t staying local, what is? Not too long ago Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, commented that he could have stayed in Boston to build the company

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Tech Conference at MIT

News and information for Technology SupportandIT Consulting providers in the Boston Area The regional gathering of the U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Partnership aims to figure out how America can increase its role in cutting-edge manufacturing by bringing together industry, universities and

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Apple offers iPad Subcriptions for Big Fish

Subscriptions have been available to magazine and newspaper publishers but now Apple Inc. is now opening the market to game publishers. Is this something IT Tech Support providers need to know about? Probably not but there’s plenty of “gamers” out

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Update: Cloud Based Security

Here’s an update for our Boston IT Consultant partners. Unlike their previous attempts to offer cloud-based security before, CA Technologies is moving a bit further this time with a package of cloud based identity and access control services. Today, CA

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Can you see me now?

We found something very interesting and thought we’d share it with our Boston area Technology Support Business partners. Hibernia Atlantic, a network operator and Chinese hardware maker Huawei has just conducted the first 100 Gigabit transmission across the Atlantic. The

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Broadband Core Service of Time Warner

Here’s something about Time Warner Cable that we thought we’d share with Boston Area Technology Support providers . Time Warner Cable continues to feel the loss of video subscribers, but it’s trying to make up for the decline by betting

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