This is How Your Business Could End

Here are some interesting details about data loss and business disaster recovery:
Disaster Recovery for Business
The University of Texas reported 43% of businesses who suffer a catastrophic loss of data never reopen, and 51% of businesses experiencing a catastrophic loss of data are out of business in two years. When a severe data loss occurs, the clock begins to tick.

From The National Archives & Records Administration in Washington: Of the companies that lost data for ten days or more, 93% filed for bankruptcy within one year. In fact, 50% of businesses which lost data for ten days — filed for bankruptcy immediately.

From Home Office Computing Magazine: 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within one year. 70% of businesses experiencing a fire fail within the five years.

From The Contingency Planning and Strategic Research Corporation: 96% of all business workstations are NOT being backed up.

From Gartner: 50% of all tape backups FAIL to restore.

This data was from a recent report issued by UniTrends showing the danger of losing your data. The statistics are truly breath-taking, and potentially business-ending. It’s sometimes difficult to identify the root cause behind the loss of data in your business. Often times it can be human error or hardware failure. Regardless, there are steps you can take right now that can help minimize the chance your business suffers through a data loss.

Simple issues, like not backing up your data are easily rectifiable — just do it! However, there are plenty of companies still using tape backup systems. Tapes fail and the data is gone, unrecoverable. Some small organizations may swap external drives. Remember: hard drives large and small can fail on a moments notice, without warning. So clearly, a partitioned drive is not a solution, either. We have also found that “daily routines” like copying existing files can sometimes lead to accidental deletion. And, sadly, many times this “accidental deletion” is not discovered until a business or organization tries to restore from a backup. We don’t even want to think about what happens when a senior executive loses his tablet or laptop. Backing up your data should and could be an automated process.

Today’s business owner or CTO needs to PLAN for the day they have an unexpected data loss, and be prepared for a disaster. In that regard, Roan Solutions can help your business become better organized and ready for the day when that happens. Be sure to call Roan Solutions at 877-774-4647 if you would like more information on securing your business data.

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