Businesses Should Update Their Cyber Security Strategies for 2017

businesses-should-update-their-cyber-security-strategies-for-20178Once a company’s initial cyber security plan is set up, many of them believe that’s all they need to do. That couldn’t be further from the truth! As hackers get more sophisticated in their tactics, it’s so important to change the cyber security plan accordingly. Not doing so could leave businesses vulnerable to security breaches, which could put sensitive company and customer data at risk. For many businesses, this could translate to lost revenue and depending on how bad the security breach was, it could even force the business to close. Here’s a look at what businesses should do in the New Year to make sure their cyber security strategies are up to date:

Develop a Good Password Strategy

Passwords are the first line of defense when it comes to cyber security. Many businesses don’t require their employees to change their passwords often enough and in doing so, make it much easier for hackers to crack. Another issue is that employees often generate the passwords themselves, and they often select passwords that are easy to guess. Company IT departments should set the requirements for how often the passwords are changed, as well as the rules for coming up with passwords that aren’t easy to crack. The best bet is to use passwords that are generated randomly and have no personal meaning to the user.

Consider Using Two-Step Verification

Now that hackers have gotten more sophisticated, it isn’t enough to require only a password to allow access. No matter how strong the password is, a diligent and experienced hacker could likely still crack it. To make the security measures more effective, consider using a two-step verification process that would require the user to provide an additional piece of information after the password was added. The two-step verification provides a much stronger first line of defense against security breaches than just a strong password alone.

Mitigate Security Risks With BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities have revolutionized the workplace. By enabling employees with the ability to use their personal devices, such as their smartphones and tablets, it does help increase productivity. The downside is that it poses another security threat that needs to be addressed. When businesses of all sizes implement BYOD, many of them fail to enact cyber security policies to go along with it.

To make company data more secure, IT departments should examine the existing policies and make changes to these policies. First, they should ensure that the Internet that employees have access to be secure and reliable. Another way they can make BYOD safer ad more secure is to inform employees as to which device settings they should enable or disable and also control social media and application usage on their devices.

The New Year is a great time to make sure that existing cyber security policies are as effective as possible. By reviewing the existing plan and making any necessary changes, businesses of all sizes will look forward to a more secure New Year.

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