Your Business in Boston is Vulnerable. Really.

Your business IS vulnerable. You just do not know it.

Roan Solutions is an IT Consultant helping Boston business owners from falling into this very situation.

Think your bank — and your money — is safe from hackers? Possibly not. A recent article found on, written by Robert McMillan of discussed how corporate networks — even your corporate network in Boston — can be easily hacked into with little effort. And sometimes with lots of cooperation from unwitting duped employees.

“I saw it and I was like, ‘Oh my god this is the hacker’s dropbox,'”

This is an excellent example where an IT Consultant can help, and an important story you need to read. If you have ANY hesitations about whether or not your corporate business files are locked down, call us immediately at 877-774-4647.

The article goes on to discuss a study conducted by a prominent West Coast bank, where a security team attempted to access files in several branch offices. This really got our attention:

“At one branch, the bank manager got out of the way so I could put it behind her desk,” Street says. The bank, which Street isn’t allowed to name, called the test off after he’d broken into the first four branches. “After the fourth one they said, ‘Stop now please. We give up.'”

If you are not proactively securing your business, you are potentially giving away the farm. It will not take long for Roan Solutions to survey your level of security and propose a course of action to lock down the security of your business.

Here is a link to the full article, here.

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