Roan Solutions is your one true technology consulting partner with expertise in IT on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Making the cloud a better place

Roan Solutions is in technology consulting business since 1999. As a IT technology solutions partner, we grow our business by gaining trust from our clients. Delivering proactive and preventative support, 24×7 managed and professional IT consulting solutions, we solved 1000s of IT challenges in most industries. Starting from academic institutions to life sciences, our IT clouds have touched many corners of the world. We have served 100s of clients and thrive on making our Solutions better and better each day.

Our Core Values

It is on our customer’s trust we build our values up on and our values are our identity. Every IT technology solution we implement generates value in your business. We take care of each and every step when offering our IT services, helping our clients focus more on important business issues than fixing their IT infrastructure.

  • Innovation – We have a flexible and collaborative work culture. We engage our teams in making our solutions and services better each day.

  • Results Orientated – We never missed a goal. We strive for it and resolve your IT issues whatever it takes.

  • Creativity – Our teams are so creative at work that help integrate our technologies so well. After all, expertise and knowledge matters and we have it.

  • Excellence – In an agile workplace like ours, we focus on excellence. We keep improving our services, so our clients can rest assured about new technologies in the market.

We don’t hang a belief statement on our wall, instead we define our strategy and put our communication clear and precise helping our clients be clear on how we want to help them. We take over and go through every IT issue our clients have ever faced and stay by their side at all times.

Our Experience

Over 19 years in the industry, we have served 100s of customers, 1000s of users and deployed 100s of customers. Our engineers bring a breadth of technical and business skills, and interact on a superior level with real people, not just with computers. They are trained to communicate, solve problems and manage your information technology infrastructure so that you can concentrate on managing your business. Our systems engineers expertly resolve dozens of IT problems everyday and we continually invest in developing our technical knowledge-base. Back-up engineers are at the ready and have access to well-documented service reports to minimize redundancy and save time when there’s a crunch.

  • Customer-centric – We analyze requirements by involving requirements engineering processes. Being customer-centric helps us focus on the client’s actual needs.

  • 1000s of integrations  – we integrated 1000s of applications and fixed storage issues both on-premises and on the cloud.

Our team endeavor to always keep up with the promises we make and to be up-front resolving all issues proactively. We care for your business and value your relationship and work harder the smartest way possible to deliver services and keep our clients happy.

Our Approach

We do what we believe and we believe in building better cloud and on-premise infrastructure solutions . IT is in our DNA.

“We were challenged by an issue on our servers that even our own Harvard IT Department was unable to resolve. We engaged Roan Solutions who, through their dedication and IT knowledge, were able to resolve the issue and, additionally, were able to secure our environment. We have found a trusted partner in Roan Solutions and would strongly recommend them to an organization seeking excellent IT support.”

Professor Daniel Branton, Joint Head, Nanopore Group, Harvard University

“As general manager, my main concern is that everything operates smoothly. We hired Roan Solutions because they offered a complete IT solution that was secure and cost-effective. When we had a complete shutdown of our system a year ago, Roan was onsite within 30 minutes and resolved it within an hour. Roan is always there for us, to ensure that any downtime is at absolute minimum. Roan Solutions has been an excellent strategic partner.”

Lisa Natoli, General Manager, Julian Crane and Equipment

“Every member of Roan Solutions has two critically important skills; they have technical competence that is superb but at the same time they also have wonderful soft skills. So they understand the technology and they are able to work with people in the office no matter what their personality or technical competence. (This) is a huge advantage…and makes their service truly first rate.”

Mary Lou Butler, Senior Vice President, Administration, LehmanMillet

“This past weekend I found myself without remote email service. RSI was accessible and ready to step in. The RSI engineer was just about to get in his car and come downtown on Saturday afternoon to address an issue which was specific to my laptop (luckily, my laptop began to communicate with our exchange server, and the trip was avoided). Now THAT is service.”

Bill Beardslee, Chief Marketing Officer, The Pohly Company

“When it comes to IT, the greatest value Roan Solutions brings to me is peace of mind; it’s not one of the things that keeps me up at night…Roan Solutions has been our IT provider and partner for thirteen years. This is a special company.”

Bruce Lehman, CEO, LehmanMillet

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