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The Fixed Cost Advantage2010-02-04T18:55:58+00:00

Managed IT services offer comprehensive, predictable IT support

Roan Solutions’ (RSI) Managed IT Services solutions deliver comprehensive, enterprise-grade IT support and management services at a fixed, predictable cost that preserves your productivity AND your budget.

Enterprise-level IT support priced for small business

Roan Solutions’ Managed IT Services maximize your productivity and your IT budget. Our managed service IT support plans deliver outstanding support and value,and put you back in control of your technology spending and IT budget. Our plans offer Enterprise-level maintenance and management services affordably tailored for your small business needs with predictable,fixed monthly fees.

For a fixed cost, we offer a comprehensive, enterprise-level suite of IT support services including
network monitoring, maintenance and reporting that deliver outstanding value for your small business. Using state-of-the art remote servicing technology supported by knowledgeable engineers, we support your networks, servers, and desktops to keep your software up-to-date and operations performing 24/7. This translates to less staff interruption and downtime, and more time focused on tasks.

Roan Solutions’ Managed IT Services solutions specialize in delivering full-service, outsourced IT support plans that help you focus more time on growing your core business and less time on managing your IT.

Contact Roan Solutions to learn more about fixed cost IT support solutions from Boston’s computer network support specialists. Call 1.877.774.4647.

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