Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a comprehensive cloud-computing platform offering digital and virtual services to individuals, businesses, and governments. Services are rendered for free or on a subscription basis. AWS functions by putting a virtual cluster of computers at subscribers’ disposal. This allows subscribers access to far more computing power than they have locally. These services are reshaping the modern business landscape and will only become more influential as time goes on. Industries of all types can benefit from using AWS, but for the following industries, making the switch is even more crucial. Here’s more information:


Multimedia Rendering

AWS vastly simplifies the multimedia rendering process. The media services offered by AWS makes it easy for individuals, government agencies, and media companies to build and broadcast quality video productions from the cloud. AWS services are changing the way the entire media industry functions. Services include file-based transcoding and live media broadcasting. These services are offered as pay-as-you-go and are easily scalable. Understanding and utilizing these services is integral to success and staying ahead of the competition.


Genomic Research

AWS is also advancing the way science is performed. Genomics in the Cloud is AWS’s cloud-based genomic analysis platform. These services make sifting through, storing, and interacting with genomic data a breeze. A secure and intuitive platform, Genomics in the Cloud is changing the way prestigious institutions like DNAnexus and UC Berkeley conduct their research. As this technology advances and is adopted, understanding of it becomes more important. It’s already the leading industry standard. This will become even truer as time goes on.


Weather Laboratories

AWS is not only revolutionizing the media and genomic research industries. They are also tackling the weather. The Weather Company, AWS’s weather service, is focused on connecting users with the very best possible weather forecasts. Along with these forecasts, The Weather Company is supplying users with a myriad of analytical tools. Users take advantage of these tools to understand how weather affects their personal and professional lives. The Weather Company is doing more to understand, catalog, and analyze weather patterns than any other platform and is single-handedly creating the industry standard.


Healthcare and Life Sciences

AWS is also changing the way we think about healthcare. With AWS healthcare cloud computing, users are able to understand insurance, life science, and healthcare compliance like never before. AWS is making it faster to do clinical trials, perform analysis and storage, and build clinical apps. This platform is unlike anything else in the industry. Industry participants must adopt this technology to be successful and maintain a competitive advantage.


Manufacturing Industries

AWS for manufacturing is making cloud computing easier for the manufacturing industry more than any other provider. AWS manufacturing tools make it easy for manufacturers to design, test, and produce products. No other industry platform is as robust, scalable, affordable, or intuitive as AWS. Manufacturers must adopt this technology to remain competitive and continue to expand and thrive.

AWS is an incredibly powerful platform that is transforming the way we do business. Adoption of the AWS platform is integral for industry success. For more information, please contact Roan Solutions.