In many ways, IT departments form the backbone of today’s businesses. Most things that a business works towards required computers, Internet connections, servers, software programs, and other technological devices. Although these items may differ depending on the business, the basic idea is the same – without technology most businesses wouldn’t be able to thrive.

At the center of all this technology, IT departments have a crucial role. The departments’ jobs are to oversee the technology that a company uses. This includes issues of governance, designing and overseeing the IT infrastructure, and also implementing the various technologies for the greater good of the company.

In other words, IT both supports and manages the infrastructure and when its done right, it can make the company more efficient. However, not all IT is created equally. Here’s a look at why managed IT services are often better at increasing a business’s efficiency than internal IT departments:

Managed IT Services Can Handle Security Concerns

Often, internal IT departments are too close to a business’s IT infrastructure in order to effectively assess whether or not the security protocols are effective or not. In fact, internal IT departments aren’t always equipped with a staff that specializes in cyber security. The truth is, all businesses are vulnerable and not accurately identifying all the security risks a business could face is something that could decrease efficiency.

When a businesses experience a security breach or other security event, such as a natural disaster, this could not only result in a loss of valuable company data, but also cause the business to go offline, which could also cut into the company’s revenue. Rather than hire a security expert internally, businesses are much better off using a managed IT provider since they keep security experts on staff. Together, the managed IT provider and the business would come up with a security plan that will help keep the business safe and also make it more efficient.

Experience Leads to Efficiency

Using a managed IT services provider can also boost business efficiency because the business would have access to IT professionals who have a high level of expertise in the field. This means that no matter what type of IT service the company needs, there is likely a professional who can provide the necessary level of expertise. This not only saves the company time, but it also saves them money. When hiring IT professionals to service internal IT departments, it is often difficult to find candidates who can cover a wide range of skill sets. Managed IT services solve this problem by giving businesses access to everything they need at a fraction of the cost.

It’s true that managed IT services can improve efficiency. By giving businesses access to IT professionals who have a diverse breadth of skills, it can increase a company’s productivity. They also are particularly well versed in helping businesses keep their company’s valuable information assets secure, which can not only prevent valuable data from going into the wrong hands, but also prevent the company from going offline, which can decrease revenue.