Heterogeneous computing is a type of system that uses different processors and cores, where each of the nodes performs a different set of tasks. This type of computing is thought to increase efficiency in the workplace, but there is a downside since this type of computing is down in-house. Businesses that use this type of system are faced with a choice.

They can continue using this type of system or begin using the cloud in an effort to standardize their infrastructure. Essentially, businesses need to consider the pros and cons of using a standardized platform before they make their choice. Here’s a look at some information that could help companies decide whether or not they want to make the switch:


There are some clear advantages in using the cloud over a heterogeneous system. Depending on the existing IT infrastructure, the system could contain thousands of applications as well as multiple processors, databases, and security systems. The expenses incurred with this type of system depend on how complex it is. Migrating to the cloud can help businesses save money, even if only a portion of the applications can be migrated over to the cloud. There will be a clear return on investment if you do migrate to the cloud.


At the same time, it may not always be a good fit to move from a heterogeneous system to the cloud. As mentioned above, it may not be possible to move all the applications into the cloud for various reasons. This could be considered a con, especially since it could be a lengthy process to actually perform the migration. Not only that, but there is also a cost associated with the process of migrating to the cloud, and this may not be worth it. Businesses need to find a way to migrate to the cloud without draining their resources.

Things to Consider When Migrating 

It’s true that there are some challenges to consider when moving to the cloud. In general, however, the process won’t be too bad if businesses follow the best strategies when migrating both data and applications. The main thing is to be sure to select the right cloud service for your specific applications. Many companies that choose to migrate to the cloud do so because they understand the value the cloud could have on their business. However, they do themselves a disservice by not using the cloud properly. It’s crucial to select the right data plan and the best applications that will be compatible to the cloud.

There are some definite pros and cons associated with moving away from a heterogeneous computing system and switching to the cloud. If you know that you want to make the switch to the cloud, you might want some expert help in making the migration. For more information on whether migrating to the cloud is right for your business, please contact Roan Solutions.