When it comes to keeping data safe, it is important that businesses of all sizes use all the strategies that are available to them. Office 365 allows for multi-factor authentication, which basically provides an extra level of security. Since the capabilities are built into Office 365, this is a feature that is worth implementing. Here’s more information:

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides a way to protect data by requiring two layers of security before granting the user access. Besides providing the username and password, users might be required to perform an extra task such as biometric verification, type in a password that had been sent via text message, or even answer a phone call.

The primary goal of MFA is to add an extra layer of defense that makes it difficult for an unauthorized person to access a target such as a computing device, database, physical location, or network. This means that if one authentication factor is compromised, the intruder still has at least one more obstacle to overcome before breaking into a target successfully.

How Multi-Factor Authentication works with Office 365

There are three ways that Office 365 uses multi-factor authentication to enable users to prove their identities, and most of these require a mobile phone. First, you can identify yourself using the Microsoft Authenticator App. The app provides a push notification or a one-time password. Secondly, it is possible to receive a phone call on a user’s personal number either on the landline or mobile phone in order to gain access. Lastly, users can receive a message on a personal phone number and then they will be asked to enter the provided password on the Office 365 login screen.

Basics of Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

In order for businesses to have the highest level of security, it is a good idea to set up multi-factor authentication. If a hacker gained access into your Office 365 admin account, the security breach could have serious consequences, such as lost revenue. MFA requires multiple identification methods, and it’s one of the most secure ways of preventing unauthorized access.

Only global admins can set up multi-factor authentication for Office 365. Simply log into the Office 365 portal using the admin credentials and follow the prompts on how to create the authentication. The admin panel is pretty intuitive and user-friendly. From there, admins can view the MFA status of each of its users and set this up for them from the backend.

Since multi-factor authentication is build into Office 365, it is well worth enabling because it offers another layer of security protection and can keep a company’s sensitive data safe. Security breaches can be costly and result in lost revenue, and this is a simple way to prevent them. For more information about Office 365, how to keep your business safe from hackers, and multi-factor authentication, contact Roan Solutions.