Enterprise Grade IT Outsourcing that fits your Budget

In this rapidly changing global marketplace the IT choices today are likely to change tomorrow and more so than ever suppliers of IT services are changing their offerings. Take for example Amazon Web Services who innovates their platform at a staggering pace. Microsoft is no different, innovating quickly and adapting to the marketplace. These are two large providers in the IT space, but what about the smaller nimbler companies that are exploding into the IT marketplace offering services that cannot be ignored? How do you keep up, how do you anticipate and plan for the future? For over 18 years Roan Solutions has been providing expert advice to navigate and plan company’s IT futures.

Roan Solutions (RSI) offers enterprise-grade IT support and consulting solutions that exceed the needs of today’s small business. As your trusted IT consultant and advisor, we provide comprehensive managed IT outsourcing service plans that cover your technology applications inside and out so that you can continue to find, service and grow your customer base.

Network and Server Management
24/7 network and server management and monitoring for a fixed monthly fee.

Desktop Management
Proactive technical support for desktops and laptops ensures optimum performance.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
State of the art disaster recovery solutions minimize risk and maximize peace of mind.

Managed Help Desk
Remote technical support resolves problems quickly and reliably.

Apple Systems Integration
Resolve cross-platform integration challenges for seamless communication.

Consulting and Project Management
Strategic IT consulting and project management when you need external support.

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