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Top Dog Stats, Inc. – Fantasy Football meets Amazon Web Services

Top Dog Stats of New York City delivers a platform that gives fantasy players of all levels a look into the world of an NFL General Manager. Its analytics systems were created by two former NFL data experts responsible for systems that NFL teams rely on to make draft decisions and develop game strategies.Constantly working to revolutionize the fantasy football experience, the Top Dog Stats app has fantasy football analytics dashboards ready to go, to get a player up and running immediately. Top Dog Stats required an application delivery solution that would scale as their user base increased, and was always available to players nationwide come game time!
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Luminus Devices Inc. Case Study

Woburn-based Luminus Devices Inc., a venture-capital-backed 120-person company, needed to expand. The manufacturer of commercial and innovative LED technology, Luminus Devices had outgrown its primary offices and manufacturing facility and they had located an additional commercial site which better suited their current growth needs. They worked with Roan Solutions Inc. (RSI), a Boston computer consultant company, to handle all IT aspects of their expansion to the new location.
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The Pohly Company Case Study

Boston-based The Pohly Company is a 65-person marketing and publishing services company that is recognized as one of the leading customer communications companies in the country. Due to a change in corporate structure, Pohly & Partners was closing its books and changing its name to The Pohly Company to re-emerge as a new entity in corporate appearance. This change to an updated brand included updating its digital corporate identity on all of its internal and external facing IT systems.
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Altman Vilandrie & Company Case Study

Boston-based Altman Vilandrie & Company (AV&Co.), a 40-employee strategic consultancy in the media and communications industry, planned to move away from its outdated and outgrown tape backup systems. The tape backup systems had become less reliable and more costly to manage and maintain. They required more time and resources from its IT team, resulting in less reliability and redundancy overall, as a data backup solution.
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