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Luminus Devices Inc. Case Study2010-04-21T02:31:11+00:00

The IT Consulting Challenge: Move the company’s IT operations to a new location. Plan, project manage and provide voice and data services between new and original sites, within a very limited window of time

Woburn-based Luminus Devices Inc., a venture-capital-backed 120-person company, needed to expand. The manufacturer of commercial and innovative LED technology, Luminus Devices had outgrown its primary offices and manufacturing facility and they had located an additional commercial site which better suited their current growth needs. They worked with Roan Solutions Inc. (RSI), a Boston computer consultant company, to handle all IT aspects of their expansion to the new location.

The following were parameters to this challenging project. The move involved these directions:

  • Optimize IT operations between both business locations.
  • Strategically liaise with 3rd party vendors providing services and equipment for the project.
  • Optimize uptime for manufacturing, R&D and production operations running in place 24/7/365.
  • Execute move and have systems up and running within the agreed window of time.
  • Ensure all business units accessing the same file, print, mail and database servers as before.

The Solution: Project Management, Vendor Management and IT Systems Integration

A Roan Solutions team of IT staff was assembled to achieve a smooth move with very little interruption to normal business operations. The team employed project management, vendor management and IT systems integration skill sets. Roan Solutions managed all aspects of the IT systems move, including some solutions provided by various vendors. These parts of the IT move were comprised of:

  • Point-to-Point dedicated site communication over bundled multiple T1s by ONE Communications.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Gateways by Nortel Systems.
  • Additional Windows domain controllers, user accounts and replication for optimized logon management.
  • Remote desktop solutions for offsite access to R&D, lab and manufacturing equipment and data gathering.
  • Email routing and spam filtering management with appliances from Barracuda Networks.
  • Secure remote Exchange mailbox access via Outlook and lower overhead RPC connections.
  • Network Security and Firewalling with ISP failover via Sonicwall security appliances.

The Result

After months and weeks of planning combined with an integrated team approach, Luminus Devices’ IT move was executed on time and within all project parameters, with manufacturing downtime mitigated; meeting all expectations. Normal business operations resumed Monday morning with no major hitches. Roan Solutions continues to follow up with post project support and IT services, as the trusted IT partner to Luminus Devices.

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