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Top Dog Stats – Fantasy Football meets Amazon Web Services2016-01-18T17:08:03+00:00

Business Situation

Top Dog Stats of New York City delivers a platform that gives fantasy players of all levels a look into the world of an NFL General Manager. Its analytics systems were created by two former NFL data experts responsible for systems that NFL teams rely on to make draft decisions and develop game strategies.

Constantly working to revolutionize the fantasy football experience, the Top Dog Stats app has fantasy football analytics dashboards ready to go, to get a player up and running immediately. Top Dog Stats required an application delivery solution that would scale as their user base increased, and was always available to players nationwide come game time!


Roan Solutions identified several options to provide Top Dog Stats (TDS) with a reliable, scalable environment, and worked with TDS’ team to determine that Amazon Web Services was the ideal choice to meet their requirements. To provide TDS with a secure environment, Roan Solutions deployed a private Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) within AWS to implement a multi-tiered architecture consisting of public facing web servers which connect, after authentication, to isolated database servers. Within the web tier of the VPC, Roan Solutions deployed AWS’ Elastic Load Balancer with a combination of CloudWatch and auto-scaling groups to support automatic scaling of web servers as demand increases or decreases. These web servers also utilized AWS S3 as an origin server for the content delivery network, CloudFront. This enabled TDS to deliver content to end users with low latency and high data transfer speeds.

Within the data tier, Roan Solutions deployed AWS’ managed relational database services (RDS) to host MySQL and Microsoft SQL servers in a multi-availability zone configuration to ensure high availability. Access to these database servers were firewalled using the VPC’s Network ACL’s and security groups, allowing access only from authorized services.


With Roan Solutions’ design in AWS, TDS now has a highly available, secure, reliable and elastic application that can virtually grow to millions of users overnight. TDS will pay only for the computing resources they consumed today, without having to guess or over-provision the capacity of the infrastructure they will need tomorrow.

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