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“We were challenged by and issue on our servers that even our own Harvard IT Department was unable to resolve. We engaged Roan Solutions who, through their dedication and IT knowledge, were able to resolve the issue and, additionally, were able to secure our environment and put in place long-term solutions…We have found a trusted partner in Roan Solutions and would strongly recommend them to an organization seeking excellent IT support.”
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– Professor Daniel Branton, Joint Head, Nanopore Group, Harvard University


Bruce Lehman, CEO, LehmanMillet“When it comes to IT, the greatest value Roan Solutions brings to me is peace of mind; it’s not one of the things that keeps me up at night…Roan Solutions has been our IT provider and partner for thirteen years. This is a special company.”
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– Bruce Lehman, CEO, LehmanMillet


“As general manager, my main concern is that everything operates smoothly. We hired Roan Solutions because they offered a complete IT solution that was secure and cost-effective. When we had a complete shutdown of our system a year ago, Roan was onsite within 30 minutes. A piece of hardware had failed. Roan had us up and running again in an hour with a patch, and had a new piece of hardware ordered by the end of the day. In the event we have a problem, Roan is there, whether it is in person or online, to ensure that any downtime is at absolute minimum. Roan Solutions has been an excellent strategic partner.”
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– Lisa Natoli, General Manager, Julian Crane and Equipment


“Every member of Roan Solutions has two critically important skills; they have technical competence that is superb but at the same time they also have wonderful soft skills. So they understand the technology and they are able to work with people in the office no matter what their personality or technical competence. (This) is a huge advantage…and makes their service truly first rate.”
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– Mary Lou Butler, Senior Vice President, Administration, LehmanMillet


“This past weekend I found myself without remote email service. RSI was accessible and ready to step in. The RSI engineer was just about to get in his car and come downtown on Saturday afternoon to address an issue which was specific to my laptop (luckily, my laptop began to communicate with our exchange server, and the trip was avoided). Now THAT is service.”
– Bill Beardslee, Chief Marketing Officer, The Pohly Company
Roan Solutions Inc. Roan Solutions is a leading Managed Services and IT Infrastructure Solutions provider with vast experience in Storage, AI, Big Data and Cloud.
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