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Why Businesses Need a Strong Firewall

By |2017-12-19T09:48:53+00:00December 19th, 2017|Categories: News|

It’s true that businesses need to protect their valuable assets. In today’s world, the valuable assets aren’t just physical – they’re digital as well. Data breaches can negatively impact a business. Once sensitive information falls [...]

Why Use a Hybrid Cloud

By |2017-12-05T09:38:24+00:00December 5th, 2017|Categories: News|

Not every cloud solution is exactly the same, which means that businesses need to find the best option for their needs. Businesses that decide to utilize the cloud can choose a public cloud, a private [...]

Know How to Identify Fraudulent Emails

By |2017-10-17T09:13:48+00:00October 17th, 2017|Categories: News|

When it comes to cyber security, businesses no doubt spend valuable resources on creating and implementing a security plan. However, no matter how solid these plans are, employees will always be the weakest link. One [...]

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